Hollandish roulette betting system explained

Hollandish system

Hollandish is a roulette system that requires some clever thought from the player. The strategy can be used on even chance bets and can assist players with increasing their bets with a view to recuperating from previous losses. Players who use the Hollandish system must first decide as to how much their unit price will be. Once you have decided on the unit price, you should then start placing bets of 1 unit until you win. Once you have a win, you can then increase your stake to whatever you want.


Players using the gaming system can recover from losses quite promptly. That said, the system is only designed to help players recoup their losses, so in this regard it shouldn’t be used to try and make a profit. It is also worth pointing out that there is controlling of further losses and no betting amount that allows for errors made by the player.  An example of the system is as follows:

  • Bet 1 and lose, result is -1
  • Bet 1 and lose, result is -2
  • Bet 1 and win, result is -1
  • Bet 3 and lose, result is -4
  • Bet 3 and win, result is -1
  • Bet 3 and lose, result is -4
  • Bet 5 and lose, result is -9
  • Bet 5 and win, result is -4
  • Bet 5 and win, result is +1

At this point you can then revert back to your initial stake amount and start the process over again. It is a fun thing to try if you have never heard of it before, and as you can’t lose a great deal it is recommended for those new to casino type games. We recommend testing the Hollandish system at the highly trusted online roulette casino Royal Panda. They have every type of roulette (French, American, European) and you can also play with live dealers. Ready for mobile devices, but you can play on your laptop, tabtop and desktop as well!