Playing roulette in Amsterdam

The Roulette played in Amsterdam is similar to the Roulette played in other European places. There are 37 numbers on the layout on which to place bets. They are numbered from 0-36. The object of the game is to predict where the ball will land after the wheel has been spun. The players place their chips on the layout on the number or numbers that they think will win. The players can bet more than one number, as many as they wish until the croupier says, ‘no more bets please’. It is a city with great culture and nightlife, quite liberal, and has some of the finest casinos in Europe to tempt the influx of visitors here every year. Weekend deals are available cheap from the UK if you fancy a punt in a different environment for a change. And as Amsterdam is located in Holland, you might want to check out the Hollandish system. Just for the fun of it.

The numbers are number from 1-18. The chips bet from 35x down to 1x. The players can elect to play from high to low just like in Poker. Even chances are paid 1-1, dozens are paid 2-1, columns are paid 2-1, etc.

Going out in Amsterdam the green squares only represents the house edge.The house edge is the percentage by which the house wins. There is an inverse relationship between the house edge and the chance the player will lose the bet. The presence of the green squares only represents the house edge.


The hold is the money the player first brings to the table. The odds at the table are usually 34-1 or 35-1. That means the house pays $34.00 or $35.00. The player keeps his original $1.00.
In addition to the many inside and outside betting methods, there are many mathematical formulae designed to predict the outcome of the spin.

It is possible for the player to make a ‘called bet’ without having the money to cover his bet. Or he can make an announced bet in which case, he would have the money to cover his bet.

The casinos expect the players to exercise some degree of etiquette while they are playing. They are expected to leave the table once they have cashed in their chips for the day to avoid confusion. Playing live roulette online at Royal Panda instead of real Amsterdam casinos is excellent and trustworthy too. Or wait when you’re arrived in the Dutch sin city. At the Amsterdam street Damrak 63 there’s a famous casino with many automatic roulette machines, the place is called Carrousel Arcade. When you want to play with real life dealers and higher stakes it’s best to play at the state-owned Holland Casino. Also located in the city center at Max Euweplein 62. High rollers are welcome there.

Holand Casino roulette table