new zealand flagLike its neighbors in Australia, New Zealand has wrestled with the whole issue of mobile gambling and tried to construct legislation that will at least regulate the booming industry. As a result, only a small number of online casinos are officially approved for use in the land of the Kiwis.

Best mobile gambling sites for New Zealand players

Those who want to play pokies, roulette, or iPhone blackjack must go through certain sites to ensure that they remain in good graces with the government. Such sites offer play in both American and New Zealand dollars. Sports betting is much less regulated in New Zealand for the same curious reasons why it often escapes the harsh judgment in other countries.

Despite the illegality of advertising or promoting online gambling, the industry continues to grow at a healthy pace in New Zealand. The result is far fewer visits to actual casinos in New Zealand, to the consternation of casino owners who wail about the bulging gambling proceeds going abroad, not staying in country. As in other countries, New Zealand’s leaders seem particularly vexed by the possibility of their young becoming addicted to online gambling. That danger is real, but perhaps not more likely through online means than by physical presence. In fact, many have pointed out that if leaders are serious about combating gambling addiction, it would be quite easy to regulate how much problem gamblers wager online, far easier than monitoring those who are physically present in casinos.newzealand

Royal Vegas and Jackpot City stand out as New Zealand mobile casinos that offer a 150% bonus with the first deposit, up to $30 and $150, respectively. Most of the other casinos offer a 100% bonus, with mFortune and All Slots topping the maximum at $200. mFortune and Hopa are the sole casinos to offer $5 free trials for gamers to get their feet wet at no cost to themselves.

In across-the-board ratings, All Slots, Slotland, Wild Jack and Royal Vegas take top honors among Kiwi gamers. All Slots continues its domination of the UK and its former empire with features that include a generous loyalty program and progressive jackpots.