Turning your mobile phone into a mobile casino is now easy, but paying for your gaming has not always been so simple. Playing roulette on your tablet through an online casino site is a snap, but beware of the many hidden fees that can appear on your credit card when it comes time to pay for your fun. If you want to gamble with good old dollars, check the sites below.

Dollar accepting mobile casinos

Dollar mobile casino Welcome bonus Allowed countries Click to play
jackpot city casino roulette games available Free money: No. Deposit bonuses: Up to $/₤/€ 500 Worldwide except U.S. play now
slotland USA Free money: No. Deposit bonuses: Up to $1,000 Also accepts USA players! play now


Inevitably, the technology of funding mobile gambling took awhile to catch up the gambling itself. Gamers who log on to sites to increase their adrenaline rush with a few hands of poker or blackjack have grown in number by leaps and bounds since the technology became available a few years ago. They have been surprised by how easy it is to log on to sites and give a few bits of information, then play slots in an instant. However, finding sites that accept the currency of their home country has sometimes been like a walk in the jungle with little light in sight.

Of course, many sites accepted the US dollar from the start, although many of the very largest casino sites in the world based their business in Europe, particularly in the UK. Some sites did not accept the US dollar for years, and some still do not. Does that mean that Americans can’t play on such sites? No, of course not. It does mean that when they do play, they are charged “currency fees” when their credit or debit card companies convert the US dollar to the currency of the casino’s base country. That can add up to a sizeable charge if someone games for a significant amount of time with relatively high wagers. In other words, serious players could roll up serious charges when such fees are added to their losses.

In fact, all mobile gamblers would be advised to check for such fees before logging on to a favorite casino’s site. There are many, many options for those who play in US dollars, so currency fees are easy to avoid for the educated consumer.

As for other versions of the dollar, casinos have been quite slow to add their currencies to their equations.  All Slots has proven to be a pioneer in this regard, recently announcing its acceptance of the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar and the New Zealand dollar. Other casinos do accept Canadian dollars, such as Bodog, but few are keen on Australian and New Zealand dollars. Hopefully, many more sites will open their doors to dollar currencies in coming months.