Going on five years in the business, LadyLucks mobile casino has earned recognition for reportedly having awarded the largest payout online in mobile gambling history, a whopping 211,000 pounds!  The site has also drawn a lot of notice thanks to its heavy television advertising. It targets the British market primarily, as the site is available only in English.

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LadyLucks app is owned and run by Probability Games Limited, a subsidiary of Probability PLC, the only mobile casino company listed on the stock exchange that focuses only on mobile cash gaming, so its parent company is quite serious about what it does. The Alderney Gambling Control regulates the action on the LadyLucks site.

LadyLucks has drawn praise online for its outstanding graphics and ease of play, as well as its somewhat entertaining choice of games, including Crazy Camels, where you wager on virtual camel races. There are 11 slots games to choose from, as well as online bingo, blackjack, poker and a phone roulette app for those who have a lucky number that they are sure is going to lead to a payout.

Because of its reputation for the big payout or due to its heavy advertising, LadyLucks ranks consistently as one of the UK’s most used sites. Because of its size, it is able to design games that are exclusive to its web address, another selling point that attracts many. The 2 ½-pound sign-up bonus lures some to the virtual gaming table. It should be noted that the site will also allow players to pay in euros.

The site works with many forms of automatic payment, including Ukash and Paypal and its list of compatible devices is extensive.  In terms of online ratings, LadyLucks ranks high for banking, credibility and jackpots, but has only fair ratings for its software and resources.

The overall rankings for its games and support are slightly above average. With a slogan that reads “Biggest Jackpot Ever”, though, it is undeniably difficult to turn down the LadyLucks lure. Most online gamers can think of many uses for a 211,000-pound deposit. If you earn a similar payout, just be sure not to drop your phone or tablet in shock!