Mobile / online casino with Swiss Francs

As a small country with a currency that is not widely circulated, Switzerland has few options for online gamblers who want to use the Swiss franc and thus escape hidden currency fees. A few mobile casinos have entered the Swiss franc domain, but more are expected to accept the currency as the number of gamers who want to turn their phone into a roulette table or their tablet into a blackjack table, continues to grow.

It should be remembered that Swiss gamers and other nationalities that happen to have Swiss bank accounts (no names given here!) can play at thousands of casinos worldwide. However, if they use their credit cards, they will be charged a currency fee. It is recommended that you bypass the non-Swiss franc sites and save your money for more slots and of course roulette.

The mobile casinos that accept Swiss francs include Jackpot City and Royal Vegas. If you can play in Euro too, then take a loot at Royal Panda with its superior online roulette assortment. Jackpot City mobile casino receives outstanding reviews by all who have evaluated it, and with its generous first deposit bonuses, extensive free play and huge jackpots it is easy to see why.

If you have money in Swiss francs, these two sites offer just about any game that you could long for. If you can’t get to the Alps to visit a casino and throw Swiss francs on the table, you can pretend that you are fresh off the slopes and play one of these sites.