Sony Ericsson just keeps turning out the hits with its Xperia S phone. This latest device has earned great reviews as users gush about the design and performance of the latest Xperia phone. Perhaps one of the biggest pluses for the Xperia S and other Sony phones is the easy connectivity to all things Sony, which means access to all sorts of entertainment options like gambling casino games.

Sony ready mobile casino

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You can program your phone to project a movie onto your Sony television, for instance, or simply enjoy HD graphics on your Xperia. Gamers love the vibrant images on the Xperia screen, and Sony invites users to “Experience Winning in HD.” It’s one thing to win a game where you simply compete against yourself to better your top previous score. It’s another thing to play a game when actual money is on the line.

That’s why millions of gamers are turning their devices into a phone casino, hooking up with apps that bring the excitement of the casino straight to their touch screen. Scores of websites have sprung up to meet this demand. Here’s a sample free site that can transform your Xperia or other Sony phone into a personal casino: mFortune.

If you’re not a casino vet, or you simply want to see how a phone becomes a casino, start slowly with the roulette app and see how it goes. You’ll get a good idea of the rhythm of casino gaming on your phone—how to place a bet, how to collect your winnings, how to play the game, etc. All of that takes a bit of time to get used to, and f.e. Royal Panda live croupier roulette offers the chance to play without all of the other mental energy needed to sift through options and tactics while you play.

There could not be a much easier way to play than simply selecting a number between 0 and 36, watching the ball roll around on the wheel and rejoicing when it lands on your lucky digit(s). Sony urges you to “Make. Believe.” So, make your way to the roulette table and believe that you’re a born winner.