Paroli system

The Paroli betting system is the opposite of the Martingale betting system because one increases their bets after each win.  One still uses the same system of the Martingale by doing the following: one would first bet 1 pound on red #2, then next bet would be 2 pounds on red #4, next bet would be 3 pounds on red #6, and so forth.  But, in this betting system, one will stop betting if they lose.  But, if one wins they will increase their bets.  The Paroli betting system seems to be a little more realistic because one will keep betting until they start losing and then will stop.


The Paroli system allows one to continue on the winning horse streak until the streak runs dry.  The Paroli system will ensure that one will know when to stop once the positive streak of winning is over with.  One good key in this system is not to start betting until one is able to see that the colour selected has won for several rounds, then start betting on that particular colour numbers.  With the Paroli system, it seems that after every sixth win, at the seventh round is a loss. With gambling, one must know their limit whether using the Paroli betting system or the Martingale system.  The Paroli system seems to be the best system to use when betting on the Roulette Table and for this reason it attracts many thousands of customers online as well as in the physical casinos themselves. If you can navigate yourself through the numbers fairly quickly, you could be onto a winner here and some people do really well at it while others flop out on the first few goes.