British Pound accepting online casino with live roulette

Given the strength of the gambling industry in the UK, it is not surprising to know that many large, reputable casinos accept the pound for payment when gamers use their mobile devices to play a roulette game, blackjack hand, slots or other popular options. Here is a great new Britsh pound casino offering roulette, video poker and more:
Royal Panda – read the review of this live dealer site.

In fact, many key advances in the mobile gambling industry occurred in the UK, thus it makes sense that the pound is accepted on several very large sites that have lots of choices for games. How far that pound sterling goes is another matter!

Among the sites that accept the pound are familiar names that have long been known to gamblers in the UK due to their physical presence there, then their online presence, and now through their mobile gambling platforms. Of course, British gamblers can use any of hundreds of mobile casinos for their fix of poker and baccarat, but they will have to pay currency fees when they tabulate their wins and losses. Casinos that do not directly accept the given currency of a certain country are happy to accept players from around the world, but their financial software does not allow for many currencies to be accepted directly from banks. That both limits the payment options for people in the UK, for instance, and greatly reduces the number of casinos available if one does indeed want to avoid the currency fees.

It is imperative for mobile casinos to accept a wider menu of currencies around the world, but most are probably happy to have ignorant players who either are not aware of the currency fees or not bothered by their amounts. Until there is an outcry over casinos accepting only euros and dollars, for instance, casinos will continue to welcome players with minimal warning about the coming fees that will be added to their totals. Fortunately, plenty of games are available on the sites listed above for pound users to enjoy.