Fibonacci system

When it comes to strategy and interesting one is Fibonacci. This betting system is safer than others, like Martingale.  But there is still a great deal to win. While this strategy is for roulette, it is basic mathematical theory.  The way this works is that the player adds the previous two number together to get the number of the current bet.

The best way to explain this is to see it. If the player starts with a bet of two, then they would bet four the second time, and then six the next time. Because the first round would be two, the second would be two plus two equalling a bet of four, and the third time the bet would be six because four plus two.  The player continues to add the previous two numbers to increase the bet as they continue to lose.  When the player wins a round, then the move back two in the sequence. So if the player had won on betting the six then they would go back to betting the two.  A loss means that the play will go a step forward, and a win will have them move back two.


This betting system works best with black/red, odd/even, 1-18/19-36 betting.  It’s safer when the player starts with a low number, though with this system the player can start at whatever number they want.
This system is also requires the player to be very precise and patient. This isn’t for the person who wants to get the quick buck and move on. This like all betting systems there is a chance that the system won’t work. Having a loss limit set would be a good idea, and be willing to walk away once that number it hit.