D’Alembert system

Any serious player that sits down at a roulette wheel will know that they need a system. One system is D’Alembert; this system is a safest of the roulette systems because it is slower at increasing the bet after the loss. The betting system gives the player even betting. It’s not compatible with dozens or columns betting or an inside betting strategy. This is a red/black, odd/even, and 1-18/19-36 strategy.

The D’Alembert betting system works by choosing a starting bid and then adding one after every loss. Then decrease the bet by one after each win. The belief in this system the idea is that when the player evens out the wins and losses you will be in profit by the amount of the bets that the player had made.


Using this system has the advantages of being a safer player; well as safe as a player can be when they are gambling. Another perk is that the player only needs a low bankroll to use this way of playing and normally, they won’t have to worry about table limits.

However, when a player uses this strategy there are disadvantages. These are that the winnings a player could win are low. The phrase, “big risk, big reward” is true in just the opposite, low risk, low reward. Another problem with this betting system is that if the player goes on a low losing streak, they will be increasing the bid each time, can put them into the hole. So if you’re planning on playing this way make sure you watch someone else have a few goes first before your confidence lands you in hot bother- be smart as always and monitor your own spending abilities first.