android systemWell, it’s pretty clear which platform for mobile phones and tablets has carried the day. If Google’s Andy Rubin was accurate with his estimate of 700,000 Android app devices being activated every day, it looks like the Android operating system has indeed conquered the world. Also with gambling roulette and other games on your mobile device.

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If 700,000 Android devices are activated every day, it won’t be long until the 200 million Android devices in use worldwide reaches twice that amount in coming months. It’s no wonder the system has proven so popular. How could you not want to tap into the open-source code that enables just about everyone to take a shot at maximizing your device’s performance in one way or another?

That mutual creativity has led to 400,000 apps in the Android Market, and the number will continue to climb. All those apps combined with all those Android users equals 10 billion apps downloaded, an amazing figure that is testament to the lure of the Android system.

androidWhether you have an Android mobile phone or tablet, one gaming app that you might want to consider is the one used to turn a device into a mobile casino. Lots of websites have sprung up to meet the growing demand of gamers who want to do more than hurl birds at towers of blocks, gamers who want the extra thrill of having a little money on the line.

About roulette on mobile devices

There are all sorts of games that you can play on your phone or tablet during which you can bet money, but many of them will require you to read up on strategy and tactics to become skilled and thus win your fair share of cash. If you don’t have the time to become a poker expert or black jack master, think about opting for roulette, a relatively easy game to play.

You’ve probably seen roulette in the movies, the table with all of the guys in tuxes and the hot ladies in evening gowns all jumping up and down as the ball rolls around the wheel and lands in a red or black slot numbered between 0 and 36. If you download roulette, you won’t get the hot girls, but you will feel your heart race a little faster as the ball whirls around the wheel before resting on the number you guessed (a best case scenario, of course!).

Downloading roulette is as easy as “playing” it. You just punch in your country, phone number, choose a game and complete the verification code. After that, it’s up to fate as to where the ball stops rolling and whether you win big or lose a little.