Reverse D’Alembert system

When it comes to roulette strategies, any system, will have a reverse system. The Reverse D’Alembert does the exact opposite of the D’Alembert.  Meaning that while this is still one of the safer betting systems. But it can be more complicated.

The Reverse D’Alembert betting system works by the player chooses their starting bet.  As the player plays, they will increase the bet by one each time they win and then decreases the bet by one after each loss.

Reverse D’Alembert

When a player chooses to use this strategies, they need to have more wins than losses because when you have an equal number it’s possible and easier to put themselves into the negative.   This betting system really requires the player to win more times than they lose, so that, they will have a positive outcome.  But a losing streak could really hurt the player, and put them into a deep hole they may not recover.  The only chance of profit is when the wins are greater than the losses.

Due to this fact, the player has to really be strategic and not let emotion get in the way, because they will have to be able to determine when to walk away since this betting system could really cause losses. It is very easy to be caught up for a player and for them to tell themselves just one more, just one more.  But for the player who chooses to use this strategy, they must have a stopping point in mind.  Then they must stick with the time to stop otherwise you can end up losing the plot and throwing away your cash when you could have made a more sensible and measured decision 10 minutes earlier down the line.