Labouchere system

The Labouchere Roulette strategy is a very complex roulette strategy that is rarely played- but those who do play it have a knack for it and love it! The idea is to make a betting line comprised of six individual numbers. It’s a strange and wonderful way to play roulette that adds a little bit more excitement and randomness to the game. These can be any six numbers you choose for your betting line in whichever sequence you feel appropriate. Here is an example of a six number betting line.


Ex. 2-4-3-2-4-3


Your betting line will look similar to the line above so use your own numbers. Taking the furthest right and furthest left numbers, add them together giving you the number of which you will bet. In this case, 2+3=5 so you would bet on the number five. If this number wins, the two and the three you just added together will be removed from the betting line. It will then look like this:


Ex. 4-3-2-4


You will repeat the process with the furthest right and furthest left numbers. If by chance five loses, you will add it to the right side of your betting line. The betting line will then look like this:


Ex. 2-4-3-2-4-3-5


Again, you will continue the process until you have no numbers left in the betting line. There are two options once there are no numbers left, quit the game or create a new betting line. There are two rules to remember when playing the Labouchere Roulette system. First, the first and last number of the betting line is crossed off when the bet wins. Second, the betting line stays the same if the bet loses; the losing number is then added to the left side of the betting line. Check our homepage for excellent worldwide online roulette sites to test this system.