Does any manufacturer of mobile phones offer as many variations as Motorola? It’s hard to say, but Motorola sure has a lot to choose from, from the famed Razr to the Pro to the Atrix to the Flipout to the Backflip—it sounds like a series of diving positions, not just a line of hot mobile phones. Many people turn it in a pocket casino with slot machines, bingo, blackjack and  roulette of course.

My Motorola casino picks

Every homepage mobile casino pick is ready for Motorola!

The many options among Motorola’s offerings are all raring to game, too. Some people who like to game enjoy taking the competition up another notch, as in turning their phones into a type of mobile casino. Lots of websites have sprung up to accommodate the serious gamers who don’t mind putting a little cash on the line as they test their luck. Jackpot City mobile is a typical site that offers an easy download of several casino games. The majority of Motorola smartphones has Android  as the operating system. If you’re looking for an Android casino game app (or roulette app to be specific), click here!

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To get your feet wet in the mobile casino world, consider trying your hand at mobile roulette, a fast-paced, easy-to-follow casino game that doesn’t require any study of tactics and strategy. You just pick a number between 0 and 36, press your screen and watch the ball roll round and round until it lands on that number you guessed (best case scenario!).

To download mobile roulette, you usually just tap in your country, your phone number, your preferred game and a verification code. After that, your control ceases and you are left to the quirky fate of the ball rolling, rolling, rolling, then—bam!—right onto lucky number 7.