It will be interesting to see if the Windows OS can carve out a sizeable market share in the highly competitive field of operating systems for mobile phones. Despite starting from far behind the pack, Windows is already making up ground and it might not be wise to bet against its formula, despite its rough beginnings. This  operating system also runs fine for many online casino sites. Like the ones listed below.

Windows Phone online casinos with roulette

  1. Guts, an online casino where you can bet on sports too. UK accepted.
  2. Jackpot City, live dealer roulette and many video slots. No UK players.
  3. Check this review if from USA!

Nokia famously latched on to the Windows operating system in recent months, and the number of phones that can connect with Windows continues to grow. It would almost be sad to see Windows conquer another domain, but who knows? It might lead to even more amazing mobile phone advances as Windows continues to evolve and spread.

Windows_Phone_8-4596_1If you have a Windows phone, you have quickly learned that it is a great operating system for gaming, whether you use your avatar in a 3D fashion or enjoy the cozy relationship between Windows and XBox Live. Apart from the XBox games, a similar thrill can be discovered by turning your phone into a casino. If shooting bad guys for sport has become passé for you, consider playing games with real money on the line. Lots of websites stand ready to take you to this area of gambling.

On all of these sites, downloading a casino game could not be easier. You just type in your country, your phone number, your desired game and a verification code. Then, you wager a small amount of money and see if you have what it takes to compete at the casino. You won’t be intimidated by your opponent’s poker face or icy glare; it’s just you and the touch screen.

Many users new to the casino world choose a free roulette app as their first game of choice. Playing roulette requires no special skills or know-how. You simply choose a number between 0 and 36, press your screen and watch the ball roll until it lands on your lucky number. If the ball was uncooperative with your number of choice, you wager again and press your screen, this time factoring in the laws of probability a bit, and voila—you have your first win.