Roulette Wheel Tracking system

The roulette wheel tracking system does effectively what it says on the tin. As with many things, roulette wheels are subject to wear and tear over an extended period of time. The other thing worth noting is that roulette wheels can be expensive for casinos to replace, so they will try and extend the use of the one they already have installed. As the wheels are used for a longer period of time, people notice that the wheels don’t give the usual random results. Players simply watching the wheel and noting which numbers occur more than others, although it isn’t as straightforward as this, can detect a bias.

The wheel tracking system normally takes around 800 spins to establish if a wheel is truly bias. As you can imagine, the monitoring period can take up a lot of time, as long as eight hours in fact. If a number appears more than 33 times, it is said that the wheel is bias. The more occurrences the player notes, the more likely it is that the wheel is biased and open to exploitation. While time consuming and requiring a lot of patience, it seems that if players are able to find a bias wheel, then the rewards could be very profitable.

Roulette Wheel Tracking

While not the easiest betting system to employ, it’s certainly not impossible. There have been reports of players tripling the money over the space of a month, only to lose money when switching to a regular wheel. It is something you should definitely consider if you play from home on the online or mobile sites, as it can give you that little edge you need to be successful at something that appears to be totally random.