The makers of the Apple iPad have said from the start that when you pick it up, it will become an extension of you. Some owners certainly feel that way; others are not sure that they have grown an extra electronic arm.

Roulette on iPad without downloading apps?

Mobile Roulette at Virgin Games
Some of us like to play casino games without isntalling apps on our iPad. Virgin made this this easy; you can play their mobile roulette game directly from their easily accesible mobile website. They offer a cash bonus of 150 GBP for first time depositors, and you also get 5 GBP for free without depositing. Paying is also easy and safe, with options like Visa, Mastercard, Ukash, Neteller, Paypal and many more. Play iPad-friendly roulette at Virgin Casino!

Prefer playing roulette with an App?

Whether or not you believe that your iPad is an extension of your extremities, it certainly changed the way that people surfed the Web, took photos and video and just had a good time doing whatever they felt like doing with their mobile device. The iPad is so thin, so light, so small that it hardly qualifies as a pad. And yes, it is true, it’s hard to believe that such a tiny machine could pack so much technology inside of it. So much that you can play roulette on your iPad as it is in a normal casino.  Only difference is that All Slots offers free play as well as real money gambling. Their Apple iPad roulette app is up and running in minutes.
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The iPad has been great for gaming since the start, but many gamers have grown bored with flinging dyspeptic birds at towers and shooting cartoon soldiers until blood spurts out from all orifices. Many of those gamers are discovering that they can turn their iPad into a mobile casino by linking up with the many sites that bring casino games straight to their mobile devices. Here’s a sample site for choosing the app that can get your blood stirring, from roulette to blackjack to even video poker: Jackpot City for mobiles or check out other great opportunities at our homepage.

Many novices who begin to play casino games like to start with a simple game like roulette because it doesn’t require a lot of strategy or tactics. You just pick a number between 0 and 36 to correspond to the roulette wheel slots, touch the screen and watch the ball whirl around until it lands on your number. That could happen on the first spin, it could take 100 spins. How long you play is up to you.

Getting the ball, uh, rolling could not be easier: on most of the sites you only enter your country, phone number, preferred game, a verification code and you will have your game in seconds. Sites often allow a variety of currencies to be used to play, but some do restrict users by country. Check the site to be sure of your eligibility to play.

Who knows? Perhaps your iPad will turn into a money-maker as you bet the right number, beat the dealer in blackjack (hold at 17 or above!) or just pull the slots arm and come up solid cherries.