Reverse Fibonacci system

Another system is the reverse to Fibonacci, and with the Reverse Fibonacci you do the reverse when it comes to betting.  Because of that this strategy is one of the most defective systems of the betting systems, due to the fact that a player must win many more times then they lose.

With the Reverse Fibonacci every time that the player wins they will move forward one step, and with a loss they will move back two steps.  Making the only way a player can make a profit is if they get onto a lucky winning streak. This is what makes this system so flawed and turns quite a few people away from this version of roulette- a shame because if you do get on that streak you’re in for big bucks from the house wherever you play it!

The player has the potential to really lose, and lose very big. That is why it’s really important for the player to really have a limit of what they are really willing to lose.  And when that point happens, the player has to walk away.

However, if the player is very lucky, then they can hit a winning streak and their profits can be extraordinary. Because moving forward will really increase the potential of earning. As long as the player sticks to the rules of the system, patience and strict falling is very important because that is the only way that the player can gain the profit in the play.

Following the rules will lead to the numbers going higher and the potential winnings are much more profitable.  Now this isn’t the ‘safest’ betting system, but it isn’t the riskiest either, just the most flawed.