So, you loved your Blackberry phone so much that you’ve expanded your device repertoire to include the Playbook tablet. Smart choice. Now you can sync it to your Blackberry mobile phone and have all sorts of fun communicating between the two. But you can also play roulette, blackjack and other casino games on it. A great gambling experience is guaranteed.

The best Playbook ready sites for casino games

The best online roulette options selected on our homepage work good on Playbook!

The Blackberry PlayBook has drawn rave reviews in the tablet world, with professional geeks saying everything from “Blackberry has an absolute gem on their hands” to PlayBook is “both stylish and powerful.” Most people in the tech world are impressed by the PlayBook’s speed and sharp graphics. You probably have enjoyed them, too.

Being the adventurous sort, you probably are wondering what some of the best free apps are for your PlayBook. You’ve fished around on the Blackberry site for ideas and talked to fellow Blackberry nuts. If you’re ready to put true “play” into your PlayBook, consider a download that can turn your tablet into a mobile casino.

American RouletteLots of websites have been created to bring the excitement of casino gambling to electronic devices. One site that can quickly deliver the thrill of the casino minus the cigar smoke is Jackpot City. On the mobile casino of Jackpot City and other similar sites, you simply pick the games that you’re sure you can master for money, download them, put a small wager on the line and you’re off!

Many people who dip a toe into the casino life enjoy starting with a simple game like roulette. Roulette online doesn’t necessitate poring over poker strategy or black jack tactics. You just touch the screen to turn the wheel and wait for the ball to land on one of the slots numbered 0 to 36.

The process of downloading roulette is even more simple: you enter your country, phone number, preferred game, a verification code and have your game in seconds. What happens from there is anyone’s guess. Perhaps your “lucky” number will carry the day—you have about a 3% chance of winning at any time. Turn your tablet into a gaming table, but be sure to save time for other pursuits in life as well.