If you have a Linux phone or tablet, you are a bit of a rebel, someone committed to equality on the Internet, someone passionate about open source software, someone who believed in these ideas from the software’s earliest days. You also love speed and appreciate how Linux delivers on that front as well and you’ll notice it when you’re playing roulette or other casino games!

Play roulette on your Linux tablet or phone and get a bonus!

Part of that speed is put to good use when it comes time to gaming, isn’t it? It’s great not having to watch figures hesitate as they ride skateboards, drive cars or shoot bad guys. If you are growing a bit tired of such games and are looking for a new challenge, you might want to consider the recent rush to play casino games on your phone or tablet.

As scores of gamers have expressed interest in downloading mobile casino apps, websites have sprung up all to meet the demand. For most games, you simply punch in your country, your phone number, the game you want and a verification code. Then, you wager a small amount and go from there.

Roulette is easy but exciting!

American Roulette 2.1

A lot of people who want to dip a toe into the water of casino gaming begin with roulette, for obvious reasons: 1) it’s super-easy to understand; 2) it doesn’t require a gambling background and any special strategy or tactics; 3) it doesn’t take long to play and discover if you’ve won or lost. When you play roulette, you just pick a number between 0 and 36, touch the screen and watch the ball until it rests on your lucky number (hopefully!). If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Surely you can think of more than one “lucky” number to play.