The explosive growth of turning phones and tablets into mobile casinos has largely been fueled by the popularity of this trend in the UK. Gambling by mobile device has doubled almost every year since it was introduced several years ago. That growth can be attributed not only to more gamers turning to slots, blackjack and iPhone roulette, but also to more casinos creating mobile platforms for their wares.

Casinos that have long held a foothold in the UK were quick to realize that enormous amounts of money could be made through mobile gambling. Several trusted names established sound options for gamers to gamble in the UK, and many bettors moved from their computers to their phones to place wagers and watch the slots roll.

Trusted names like Royal Panda and Jackpot City didn’t simply rely on their reputations to draw gamers. They also made the downloads super-easy to do, then offered generous welcome bonuses and practice rounds to novices as they got accustomed to the rhythm and feel of playing blackjack on a touch pad, for instance. The shrewd strategy of doubling initial deposits (and upward) drew gamers in for longer periods of time to try their luck, increasing both profits and the potential for a big payout.

Casinos routinely offer between 12 and 20 games. Jackpot City, for example, has 15 games for download, and the fast and clear Microgaming software has proven to be an excellent choice for many casinos. Slots have proven particularly popular, suggesting that mobile gamers do not want to concentrate for long periods of time to play video poker on their phones, for example. That sort of intense focus over a long period is probably more likely to occur when sitting at home in front of a laptop than when sitting on a bus as it makes its way across town. With money on the line, gamers are more apt to download games that require low concentration with huge payouts, as the Major Millions slot does.