BB logoEver since it debuted just a few years ago, the Blackberry cell phone has given its owners a certain reputation: wired, organized, multi-media, able to conquer the digital world with a single device. That reputation is well deserved, but just because you have a Blackberry phone doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for fun apps, either. Owners of a Blackberry Torch, Bold, Curve and Porsche for example and many others. All of them are ready for playing very realistic roulette. Free practice play and real money option available at Jackpot City. This BB friendly roulette casino also has various roulette games including live dealers with Playboy Bunnies!

Best 2 BlackBerry online casinos with roulette:

  1. Jackpot City – $€1,600 bonus (live Playboy roulette)
  2. Leo Vegas – £$€1,500 bonus (live Evolution roulette)

If you have the kind of brainpower that most Blackberry phone-owners have, you get tired of the same silly games that are low risk and low reward. You’re ready to put more on the line, like turning your phone into a mobile casino, for instance. Leave the angry birds to those people who own primitive mobile phones, you’re ready for some real action with money on the line!

Multiple websites have sprung up that can enable you to bring a casino to your Blackberry phone. Here is one site that makes it super easy: Jackpot City casino for BlackBerry phones (a review). You just download the roulette games of your choice, wager a bit and you’re on your way.

If you’re not a casino regular and are not sure where to start, consider downloading roulette for starters. You don’t have to be a strategy geek or tactical expert to win at roulette. Just go with your “lucky” number and follow the ball around the wheel until it lands in a slot with a number between 0 and 36.

How to download and play roulette on your BB

Downloading roulette could hardly be easier. On most sites, you just punch in your country, your phone number, choose a game, enter the verification code and you are seconds away from either winning big money or losing just a little (if you stop in time!). Being the intelligent Blackberry owner that you are, you might find yourself studying the laws of probability to figure out which numbers will come up at what times in roulette. Just remember there’s a reason why they call it a game of chance. Cool at BlackBerry is their Playbook. This tablet is even better for gambling at a mobile casino!