Australia mapThe country of Australia has had an unusual relationship with gambling for decades, and the latest issues that arise as online gambling mushrooms around the world have caused great consternation Down Under. Australia took action very early with its Interactive Gambling Bill in 2001, but the legislation was poorly written and is not enforced as vigorously as some would hope. So it’s stil very easy to gamble on your mobile. For the best Australian mobile casino sites, see a small list here. Good Luck!

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Basically, if you want to turn your phone or tablet into a casino mobile, you can. However, Australia wants those who gamble on their mobile phone to be aware of the dangers, and they also want the casinos to be licensed by Australia. The tone of most of the legislative talk in Australia is that the country wants to protect its citizens, especially young men, from offshore gambling sites that may or may not be trustworthy.


So, if you want to play phone roulette in Australia, you can, but the legality of it could be in question depending on the provider, etc. Australia has a much less difficult time with the sports betting empire that has long been established in the country. It seems likely that Australian legislators did not understand the degree of difficulty of reining in online gaming. Cyberspace brings with it a whole new set of rules and ethics that modern politicians are sometimes slow to comprehend.

Like their British cousins, Australians seem to prefer the Jackpot City site, among others. It has the very popular pokies game, which Australians have long enjoyed. It will be interesting to see how the future of legislation regulating online gambling develops. In all likelihood, legislators Down Under will have to bend to the onslaught of online casinos that bombard potential clients to download their games to their phones and tablets.