Whittacker system

The Whittacker roulette strategy uses a betting line similar to the Labouchere method and the Fibonacci method. This particular betting requires you to lose two rounds to create a betting line. Once two rounds have been lost, you add the number from the first and second bet together to create your new bet. Assuming you bet 2 for your first bet, your betting line would look like this:

Ex. 2-2-4

This is not how the entire betting line would look; the entire betting line would be much longer. This is just the beginning of the betting line and how you would get it started. Much like a Fibonacci sequence, you will continue using the last two numbers to create your next bet.

A Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers that adds the last two numbers together to create the next number. If the first two numbers are 2, then the sequence would look like the example below.








As you can see, each number is added to the left side of the set of numbers. Your betting line would look similar to the example above. Once you have your first two losing numbers, you then create a betting line off those numbers. Most of the time you would start with 1-1 but that is not always the case. A non-traditional example of the Whittaker method would look like the example below.



This non-traditional betting line is not recommended but is not against the rules either. You can play it but the odds are not very high, however if you do play it you can be in for some big bucks when you drop on exactly as you intended to.