Play roulette at casinos in Macau

Macau casinos at nightMacau is a glorious city in Asia that is constantly being compared to the fabulous strip of Las Vegas. Macau adds more casinos all of the time and altogether they make more than five billion dollars, which actually is more money than what casinos in Las Vegas make. The most popular casino in Macau to play roulette in is at the Wynn and they are known for European version of roulette with very high stakes. This form of roulette is more or less the same as it is played all around the world, the one difference being the just one single zero on the wheel. But have no fear, because, this means it is actually a little bit better odds for you. And since the wheel is so different than what people are used to seeing, players are given a chart showing the series of numbers on this wheel. It also will show you the winning numbers from the last few games at that table.

Some tips to keep in mind when playing roulette at a Macau casino are:
• Since the wheel is the same as the European roulette, there is only one green place on it
• The so called “outside bets” are what are best known for giving you the greatest odds of winning, so do not rely on a lot of long shot bets
• At a casino with what is called ‘en prison’ bet in play, then betting on a colour will give you near-even odds of winning
• European roulette is much more fun for the gambler than American because it has a house lean of 2.7%
• Always know when to stop, for example, you will not get much better than three times the amount of money you had when you first walked in.

Roulette at Macau casinos are not as popular as other games are there but this might be because of the high minimums that roulette has there. But with that in mind you can have much higher betting minimums, which makes it more risky to go with the long shot bet.