LG logo“Less wondering, more exploring” the LG Optimus 7 promises. That sounds great if you have endless curiosity and need to know where exactly in the city you are walking. The Optimus has a feature that will show you on a map where you are. And  guess what: many LG mobile  devices are great to gamble casino games  as well! Free play possible, real money gambling as well and there are many deposit  options like Paypal and credit card.

Super online casinos for  LG tablet or phone

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What’s perhaps even more exciting about the new LG phone is that it is “Designed for Play” with its links to Zune Marketplace and XBox Live. So, you can explore the gaming world as well when you’re not shooting HD movies and transferring them to another device, an additional cool feature that the Optimus 7 has.

LG tablet examplePerhaps you’ve snagged LG’s latest offering, the Prada 3.0 that has a screen so big (4.3-inch) that you might think it’s a new LG tablet! The Devil might wear Prada, but he probably doesn’t have a super-sleek Prada phone that is the talk of your neighborhood. And, you won’t have to sell your soul to the Devil to have some luck with games that you can download on the Prada, including several that can turn your device into a smart mobile casino.

Whether you have the Optimus 7, the Prada 3.0 or any of the other latest LG phones, you can now download apps that bring the thrill of the casino to your phone. Lots of websites have sprung up to satisfy your desire for gaming excitement with money on the line. This site– 32 Red casino for LG mobile phones and tablets–makes it super easy to download any number of games to get you started.

One game that has been a good place to start for many novice gamblers on mobile phones has been roulette. The roulette app is easy to load and understand, so you get the adrenaline buzz of being at the casino and wagering a little cash without the dreary hours of boning up on poker strategy or black jack tactics. You go straight to the fun, watching the ball zoom around the wheel and seeing if it lands on the number that you played between 0 and 36.

With the amazing graphics that all of LG’s latest phones offer, you’ll be able to easily tell where that ball stops and either scream for joy while riding the subway or say, “Crap!” and try again. Eventually that lucky number that has served you so well throughout your life will give you a win and you’ll agree with LG’s famous tagline: “Life’s Good.”