Covering the Table system

Covering the table is another type of roulette strategy used to help formulate bets. This particular method has a variety of strategies and can be very risky. The idea of this strategy is to make multiple bets on the table. Do not attempt to bet on every item on the table, you would lose more than you would profit. There are “sets” you can use to make multiple bets hoping to win.

There are several methods you can use for this. Since the idea is to cover a vast majority of the table, you can bet individually on 35 numbers. Another option would be to bet on 17 splits giving you a total of 34 numbers being covered on the table. There are also 11 streets that you can bet on covering 33 numbers on the table. If this does not sound appealing, try betting double streets, this will give you coverage of 30 numbers on the table. When deciding which type of covering the table method you would like to use, determine which method will gain you the most winnings. Examine the table to determine which method would be more suitable for your own liking.

Covering the table

Each method will ensure you are capable of winning. Though this sounds ideal, you would not want to cover so many numbers you cannot possibly win back the amount you are betting. The idea is to win with this method instead of losing, you may not profit at all if you do not pay careful attention.